RCM Priority claim processing

Automatically prioritize the next-best claim to work for each team member, so you can increase team productivity and cashflow

  • Clearly identify the highest value claims based on your organization’s financial priorities
  • Increase in billable claims, done the right way
  • Software manages your priorities so your leaders can optimize your business
  • Improve your team’s productivity, no matter where they are located
  • Eliminate timely filing issues
  • Visibility of data in a different way so you can do more for your organization
  • No need to change billing systems

The Challenge

Healthcare billing teams are challenged with volume heavy and process heavy work. Their leaders are constantly challenged with identifying and prioritizing this ever-changing workload.

How This Helps

RCM Priority Processing helps to alleviate the burden and guesswork of prioritizing the next-best claim to work, so your teams can do more. This automated solution will alleviate stress from your teams and give them the freedom to confidently work claims in the order that drives the most value for your organization. Based on this small change in priority management, your organization will see increased team productivity and increased cashflow of 30% or more.

How it works

We help you analyze data in a different way to identify financial and operational priorities
Team resources are modeled based on those priorities
The “next best” claim to work is then automatically provided to each team member
Analyze results and team productivity to optimize performance

Where it Works

Areas where you have volume heavy or process heavy workloads

  • Front-end / Back-end Process Prioritization
  • Prior Authorization
  • Timely Filing
  • Appeals
  • Denials - Pre and Post-bill
  • Rejections
  • Aging AR
  • Small Dollar Balances
  • Refunds Management
  • Prioritization of tasks based on team skillsets
  • Revenue Cycle Items Requiring Human Touch
Included Toolset

Automatically assigns work based on your organization’s priorities and the skill set of available team members. This transfers the burden of determining the next best claim to file from the manager to the software.

Utilize business intelligence in a different way. Helping you see the data based on your organization’s requirements and the payer’s requirements, including timely filing.

Use as a stand-alone, or utilize a simple integration framework created to connect to your systems with a light IT footprint. Normal integration timelines are completed within 2 to 4 weeks.

Connect to your document management system, or utilize already embedded document management ecosystem. This allows you to seamlessly work and interact with the documentation you need from multiple sources.

Helping you group and manage the skillsets of your billing team based on your organization’s business goals.

30% Average initial increase in billable claims & team productivity
100% Elimination of
timely filing issues
10X Average ROI
Quick setup to start reducing costs and increasing cashflow in a few weeks
System Conversion - No need to switch billing systems

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