Summary of Software and Services Highlights

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Laboratory Accounts Receivable (AR) system

Designed from the ground up by labs for labs bringing efficiencies and scalability.

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Medical Claims Billing

Get a faster turnaround time, which means you get paid for your hard work sooner.

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Data Archiving

Transform the way you store old data with our EMR data archiving solutions.

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Insurance Eligibility Verification

Simple, efficient and cost effective real time medical insurance eligibility verification systems.

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RCM Priority Claim Processing

Analyze results and team productivity to optimize performance.

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Revenue Cycle & Data Analytics Consulting

Leverage our expertise in lab revenue cycle, billing & analytics, software productivity, etc.

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Insurance Preauthorization Software

Our preauthorization solution is quick, secure and reduces administration burden.

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EMR Connectivity &
Lab Order Result Portal

Maximizing value through connectivity and engagement strategy.

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